Credit Information Department

The Credit Information Department opened 1 967 disputes this year and closed 2 727 disputes year to date.  This translates into a 29.69% increase in disputes closed when compared to the same period last year.

As part of our efforts to improve our efficiency and streamline processes, we have made some changes to our department and introduced a Quality Controller. The aim is to ensure that all the processes are followed, and that the end result is that the work that we do is of a high standard, benefitting all our stakeholders. Magda van Biljon is the perfect candidate for the position as she has been with the office for close on 10 years and brings with her a wealth of expertise in the area of credit information disputes.

The proposed Removal of Adverse Credit Information Project, which aims to stimulate economic activity by removing adverse listings from consumers’ profiles, has already had an impact on our office as we have been fielding many calls from consumers who are eagerly awaiting the rollout of the project. We have made an effort to assist with the massive task of consumer education in this area and to clarify what the proposed removal of adverse information would mean for consumers. Too many consumers are still under the impression that their debts will be cancelled or wiped away as part of the project rollout. We are preparing to increase our efforts to educate and assist consumers with queries and processes to follow once the project is approved and comes into effect.

We expect an increase in activity in the credit information space as the amnesty will create an unprecedented interest by consumers in their credit bureau profiles which may well lead to an increase in the number of disputes logged.

We look forward to partnering with all the relevant role players in the work we do and to further extend our reach in assisting consumers in respect of credit information matters.