Why Am I Here?
You’re at the right place – for now! The Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance (OLTI) is now part of the new National Financial Ombudsman (NFO).

The NFO is a single, one-stop, all-in-one dispute resolution service made up 4 former longstanding services: the Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance (OLTI); the Credit Ombud (CO); Banking Ombud (OBS); and the Short-Term Insurance Ombud (OSTI). The NFO’s services are provided free of charge.

What does that mean for long-term insurance customers?

All of the services and assistance involving disputes between long-term insurers and their customers previously provided by OLTI are available for individuals and companies, but now under the NFO umbrella.

So if I have a dispute with my long-term insurer, I can now approach the NFO?

Precisely! Simply follow the link below for all the information you need about our free services, including how to submit your long-term insurance complaint, and much more.

See you there!

Welcome to NFO South Africa

If you have a complaint against your financial services provider, you’re in the right place! The National Financial Ombud Scheme (NFO) is an independent body that resolves complaints brought by consumers against South African financial institutions – for free!


Complaints Process

When a complaint is lodged with the NFO, every attempt is made to establish and record whether the complainant should be identified as a “vulnerable complainant”.


Contact Us

Any consumer with a complaint about their financial services provider may approach the National Financial Ombud Scheme (NFO) for our free assistance.

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