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Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance

Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance

You are at the right place! Ombudsman for Long-Term Insuarnce has become part of the new National Financial Ombud Scheme South Africa.

The Ombudsman for Long-term Insurance was established in 1985. We are an independent office accountable to the Ombudsman’s Council. We resolve disputes between complainants and insurers arising from long-term insurance policies. Our service is free to complainants.

Complainants may still decide to go to court. Insurers are bound by our rulings. Our rules provide for an informal appeal process.

To receive and consider complaints against subscribing insurers and to resolve such complaints through mediation, conciliation, recommendation or determination.

Our Rules regulate the relationship between the office and its subscribing insurers as well as the relationship between the office and every complainant who lodges a complaint with the office.

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How to Complain

Contact your insurer first. Before you submit a complaint with the Ombudsman, you must first contact your insurer to try to resolve the problem.

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