The National Financial Ombudsman Scheme seeks to appoint a Lead Ombud: Banking Division

The National Financial Ombud Scheme South Africa NPC (NFOSA) invites applications from interested candidates for the position of Lead Ombud: Banking Division.

The NFO is seeking a suitable qualified and experienced Lead Ombud (Banking Division), who will be reporting to the Head Ombud / CEO of the NFO, to provide strategic guidance and direction to the NFO Banking Division in alignment with the NFO strategy towards fair, impartial and efficient resolution of disputes. Some of the important responsibilities of the Lead Ombud: Banking Division are to:

  • Develop the Banking Division strategic objectives in line with the overall strategic direction of the NFO;
  • Oversee the effective implementation and the successful execution of Banking Division Strategic Objectives following approval by the Board;
  • Ensure compliance with all regulatory and NFO policy and process guidelines and stipulations;
  • Oversee and guide the implementation of NFO processes and quality standards for dispute resolution in the Banking Division.
  • Review decisions of professional staff and assist in resolving complex banking-related complaints.
  • Effectively manage the human and financial resources of the Banking Division in line with regulatory requirements and best practices.
  • Ensuring feedback, both from customers and the financial services sector, as well as other key stakeholders, is actively solicited and acted upon promptly; and
  • Representing the Banking Division to customers, shareholders, financial institutions, the media, the community and the public as required.

Company History:

The NFO came into existence on 1 March 2024 as the umbrella Financial Services Ombud scheme. The not-for-profit (NPC) organisation is the result of a successful amalgamation of 4 separate previously existing South African Ombud Schemes: the offices of the Banking Ombud (OBS); the Credit Ombud (CO); the office of the Long-term Insurance Ombud (OLTI); and the Short-Term Insurance Ombudsman (OSTI).


Ideally, the successful candidate will possess experience in the domains of effective corporate governance, alternative dispute resolution and financial sector regulation, to provide effective strategic leadership and oversight of the NFO Banking Division in addressing the legitimate concerns of the financial industry and the legitimate concerns of financial consumers, in an effective, fair and transparent manner.

The following minimum requirements are applicable:

  • At least an Honours Degree relevant to the position is essential.
  • Admitted attorney with at least 10 years of post-admission experience is essential.
  • Proven operational management experience of at least 10 years in a senior/executive management position in the financial sector.
  • Good leadership skills/qualities;
  • Financial literacy and strategy skills;
  • Sound working knowledge of an ombud’s function and the financial alternative dispute resolution framework;
  • Business, governance and/or finance management experience in the financial sector and/or alternative dispute resolution would be advantageous.

In terms of the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) of the NFO, registered by the Ombud Council, the following exclusion criteria apply to this position:

MOI Section 10.4.4: A Lead Ombud appointed:

  • May not be a Director of the Company,
  • May not have (or have a close family member with) a beneficial interest of more than 5% in a *Financial Institution, and
  • May not be a person who currently works, or has worked in a Financial Institution or an association of Financial Institutions, in the previous three years.

*A “Financial Institution” is defined in the MOI as a financial institution that provides financial products and financial services as defined in the NFO Rules approved by the Board and Ombud Council. The MOI and NFO Rules are available on

The NFO Board retains the right to include independent background and security vetting, in line with relevant regulatory prescripts (POPIA etc).

Scope of work:

As the Lead Ombud for the Banking Division, the successful applicant will be required to effectively implement and direct the Strategic Objectives of the Banking Division in alignment with the NFO strategy by ensuring that Banking Insurance adjudication decisions are made fairly, impartially and consistently, whilst achieving productivity and efficiency objectives.

This will require interpersonal skills to build, maintain and promote effective working relationships, and the legal background and experience to ability to develop, manage and monitor the effectiveness of disputes resolved, in a timely and impartial manner within the NFO banking division.


Dr Cornel Malan / Celeste Lans
National Financial Ombud South Africa
Email: /

How to Apply:

Applicants are requested to submit a cover letter indicating the reference number and position applied for together with a comprehensive CV to the NFO HRM Lolo Ngubeni at

Closing date: 6 May 2024.

The National Financial Ombud Scheme South Africa NPC (NFOSA) invites applications from interested candidates for the position of Lead Ombud: Banking Division...